Sunday, February 6, 2011

NEVER UNDERESTIMATED UR TEARS am i supposed to start this?? hello..hello.. 1 2 3... testing.... Ahahahaha! juz kidding...! (^.^) nothing much happened lately... juz many loads of problems.well, when i give it a thought, dats life. mane ad idup xde mslh kn3? duit, kesihatan, family, apatah lg relationships.. no matter la what kind of relationship. frenship, brotherhood, sisterhood, citizenship, ship kapal 2 pun kire boley la~~~~ =.=!
ape2 skali pun, masalah mmg akn dtg. n 4 sure we shouldnt avoid or run away from problems. so, wat do we do?? we FACE it!!!! xkisah la same ade kite berjaya atasi mslh 2 ataupun x, we still have 2 face it. bile kite berjaya atasi probs 2, alhamdulillah... we managed to overcome it with the help from THE ALMIGHTY. tp lau xleh selesai, jgn la pts asa. hadapi kesusahan tersebut dgn tnang. msti ada hikmah d sebalik sume mslh2 2... (cewah, bajet ustazah) but dat is my prinsip.. be strong in watever situation because in d end, there will be rewards for ur sacrification.

what did i sacrifice diz time????? hurmm... let me think... owh, yeah. my feelings n my heart.. not 2 4get my tears. people owez believe dat if sumone cries, it means he/she has already loss. well, let me fix d belief. i think, crying is actually a relief. bile da ngs, mst rase lega kn? tp jgn la terus2an frust nonggeng plak. hanyut dlm kesedihan... 2 dh parah... atau lebih dikenali sbg sakit jiwa.. (ehehe..lau ad yg tersinggung jgn le mroh..) ok, back 2 d point. lpas ngs, tenangkn dri. then u built ur strength from ur tears. dont waste ur tears for smthing dat is not valueable. believe me, if u cry for smthng like dat, OMG!!!! LOOSER!!!! OK2, ngs la nk ngs pun tp jgn r melampau sgt k.. as i said, build ur strength from ur tears. motivate urself. lbh2 lg kalu anda mngs utk sorg laki yg xtau mghrgai anda, eeeuuuwww..... make dat guy cry 4 u later on.. b smbody. if he knows u cry, mst dye akn pk cmni- alah, pmpuan... but if u stand strong n fight back, believe me, he'll regret 4 d rest of his life 4 loosing u.

what am i talking abt??? ( i dont even know) lalalala~ hahahaha! so, gurls out there, dont b a weak person. lau laki bleh wat kite ngs, y not u make them cry. wahahahaha! dat is what we called women power... (^.^) nothing more.. give it a thought ok!